Phenethyl Alcohol and Caprylyl Glycol

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Stabil [ Phenethyl Alcohol and Caprylyl Glycol]

the Stabil  blend  is an unique alternative to the traditional cosmetic preservatives as it is paraben and formaldehyde free.  Stabil allows for the creation of self-preserving formulations with its non sensitizing / nontoxic broad spectrum antimicrobial activity.  The product has a very reduced irritation potential compared to some systems. This combination of Phenethyl Alcohol and Caprylyl Glycol imparts cosmetic benefits such as skin emolliency, improved skin feel, and a mild fragrance and is a well balanced compound effective against Gram positive, Gram negative bacteria, yeasts and molds.

It has a wide spectrum antimicrobial activity and represents an alternative to traditional cosmetic preservatives, allowing formulators to create self-preserving formulations with reduced irritating and sensitizing potential. It gives a pleasant mild-rose aroma to the final product. Phenethyl Alcohol and Caprylyl Glycol blend does not contain preservatives listed in EU Annex VI or allergens and allows the claims preservative-free and fragrance-free.

As a clear, colorless liquid with a mild rose-like odour, Stabil is an optimized combination of widely accepted and safe cosmetic ingredients which

  • is globally approved
  • does not contain any preservative listed in the EU Annex VI or allergens.
  • exhibits broad spectrum antimicrobial activity.
  • allows the claim ‘preservative-free’ for formulated products.
  • should you require larger quantities contact sales


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0.05L (50mL), 0.10L (100mL), 0.25L (250mL)

Technical Data

INCI Name:

Phenethyl Alcohol (and) Caprylyl Glycol


Appearance Clear, colorless liquid
Odour Mild rose-like odour
Phenethyl alcohol 56.0 – 60.0%
Carprylyl glycol 40.0 – 44.0%
Density @ 20°C  ~ 0.98 g/mL
Solubility (in water @ 20°C)  ~ 0.6%
pH (0.5% in water)  ~ 4.6


application levels

 Application levels

suggested application levels

Solid cosmetics

Oil–based cosmetics


Surfactant-based cosmetics

Aqueous-based cosmetics

Talcum Oils Lotions Shampoos Solutions
Eyeliners Sticks Creams Hair conditioners Serums
Eyeshadows Waxes Sprayable lotions Handcleaners Tonics
powders Lipogels Foundations Bubble baths Gels
Mascaras Shower gels Gel masks
Clay Masks Intimates Nail polishes &removers
Raw materials Sprays









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