Polyquaternium 39


Conditioning Agent PQ 39  also known as Polyquaternium 39 is a polymer that  has very good anionic and amphoteric surfactant compatibility and can be used for conditioning hair in both clear and pearl shampoo formulations. It is especially good for wet and dry hair combability and reduction of static .  It also is very effective improve the feel in skin creams.

This product will supply softness and a silky feel in hair gels and setting lotions.

Use in Permanent waves, Curl Activators, Hair Dressings and Moisturisers to give a silky soft feel.

Is stable in a wide pH range

Skin Care

Conditioner Agent PQ39 can provide beneficial skin feel in a wide range of skin products.  Its substantive film forming character will give good lubricity and as such it will provide a lubricating feel to shower gels, liquid hand soaps and bath products

Also can be used in shaving creams, moisturising creams and lotions to provide a smooth feel to the skin

It can be used in sun care creams


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

0.10L (100mL), 0.25L (250mL), 0.50L (500mL), 1.00L (1000mL), 5.00L (5000mL)

Technical Data

Technical Specifications

Appearance: Clear Viscous Liquid
Odour: Characteristic
Solubility: water soluble,
Viscosity: 4,200-10,700
Storage: Tightly Sealed / Protected from Moisture
Shelf life: Under proper stored conditions, 36 months
pH: 5.5-7.3