Microbiological Test Kit

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Microbiological Test Kit

Double sided test kit for DIY testing of total aerobic bacteria, yeasts and moulds



The microbial test kit is a tube which includes a slide coated with a sterile nutrient surface to allow biobogical testing of your product [like cream, lotion, gel, shampoos] etc. for bacterial and mould growth.  This microbial test kit allows  quick and easy quality control of your finished products.  Our Microbiological Test Kits are manufactured under aseptic conditions and the agar surfaces contain no toxic ingredients that could be transferred to the products being tested. Each dip slide is supplied within a transparent, shatterproof protective tube. Subsequent contamination is therefore prevented, and the results can be evaluated with the tube sealed, thus avoiding any risk of contamination to the end-user.

The agar coated dip-slide enables simple sampling and quick evaluation of the results; testing can be done by anyone; you don’t need any microbiological training or special laboratory equipment.

The slide can be used for testing

surface micro testing surface micro testing

Semi solid material micro testingSemi solid material micro testing

Liquid micro testingLiquid micro testing

The kit contains 2 different agar-type surfaces;  one for testing of total aerobic bacteria count the other; a malt based agar, used for yeasts and moulds.    Every test Kit sent out will be accompanied by a comprehensive brochure with full instructions and illustrations to help you determine the total bacterial or yeast/mould counts. Typical cfu (colony forming unit) counts are:

MircoTest-Kit-Bacteria count


Bacteria colonies: 100, 1000, 10’000, 100’000, 1 million, and 10 millions


Be aware that the tube comes to us with a maximum shelf life of 4-5 months.  The tubes should be stored unopened at room temperature (from 10 to 25 °C) and protected from draught and light. The slides must not be allowed to freeze. The test slides can be incubated at 30 °C using an incubator and results can be read after 24-48 hours. If no incubator is used and the slides stored at room temperature (21-22°C) the results can be read after 2-4 days for total bacteria count; and 5-7 days for Yeast and Mould count. The Microbiological Test Kit comes with detailed instructions and model comparison chart. The expiration date is marked on each pack, use before date is 9  months from manufacture ; however due to shipping and AQUIS import requirements typically there is typically 4-5 months shelf life once they arrive in our warehouse from our manufacturer.

Temperature fluctuations may result in some condensation water settling at the bottom of the dip-slide tube. This sterile liquid can simply be disposed of down the sink when you are ready to use the slide. The performance and the results of Microbial Test Kit is not affected by this, provided that the media are not visually dehydrated.  Any unused slide showing microbial growth should be discarded.


Whilst there are currently no legal requirement to ongoingly challenge test cosmetic products in Australia, you may want to prove that your own preservative scheme is working,  or simply raise the standards of your production methods. Should you require a more comprehensive challenge testing service for your products, then we suggest that you contact your local Microbiological Consultancy Services, or contact us to assist you.


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Micro Test Kit

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Your benefits:

    • Easy to use – without any preparation time, the slide can be used to test surfaces, semi-solid materials and liquids.
    • Quick and convenient – always handy and reliable to use – even at last minute, e.g. when testing needs to be carried out during non supervised shift.
    • No special laboratory equipment is necessary.
    • Economical – the previous time-consuming laboratory work for preparing nutrient media, producing dilution series and counting colonies is eliminated.
    • In addition, the considerable costs of external laboratory are saved.
    • Accurate and reliable – the strict standards to which slide is produced guarantee a product of consistent excellent quality.
    • Quick detection of bacteria, mould and yeasts, can be separately detected with a single dip-slide.
    • Simple to use – sampling and evaluation can be carried out even by personnel who have no training in microbiology.
    • Safe – incubated samples are evaluated in sealed tubes so that risks of contamination is avoided.



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