Foaming Bath Butter Base

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Foaming Bath Butter Base

Our all Australian made and certified Foaming Bath Butter Base also occasionally referred to as Foaming Bath Whip is designed for use as a whipped product and/or tube fills. The product is incredibly flexible for the creative formulator. Formulators can create simple whipped foaming bath butters, a sugar scrub, a body soufflè, or a salt scrub, all from one product base.

To process, simply use a hand held mixer- and whip/beat the Foaming Bath Butter in a bowl that can hold the total finished volume , follow the start of the whipping process by adding sugar/salt, fragrance and or essential oils [or any other additives that you may want to include] and continue whipping until the desired volume is achieved.

Alternatively  you can heat to maximum of 60ºC whilst maintaining stirring, add colour, fragrance    Allow to cool to 53-55ºC while still stirring.  Add any extras you would like, and stir while cooling to 52ºC.  Fill your containers and/or pour into tubes, while the mix is between 47º and 52ºC to ensure the best results.
Allow to further cool and jellify

Note that this soap is not mouldable and will always stay soft and buttery, this scoopable, soft and moisturising soap base should be packed in tubes or tubs.

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1 kg, 12 x 1kg, 5 kg, 20 kg


Ingredients INCI

  • Water,
  • Glycerin,
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate,
  • Sorbitol,
  • Cocamido Propyl Betaine,
  • Sodium Stearate
  • Sodium Chloride,
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Ethyl Hexyl Glycerine
  • Tetrasodium EDTA

Processing : -Cold Whipping

Processing : Cold Whipping

Another application is by cold whipping the Foaming Bath Butter
In this example we start with the basic procedure– and then additives can be added such as sugar and/or salt or clays to produce products such as sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, body parfaits, shaving butters.

Equipment Needed


Spatula/ knife to cut up the Foaming Bath Butter

Rubber gloves

Mixer; preferably a stand mixer with a flat beater

a Stainless steel whip beater

Stainless steel vessel

Vegetable Oil/wax

Low Profile Jars with wide mouth and Lids

Thermometer (to monitor oil temperature)

Foaming Bath Butter Base

Soap colourants

Fragrance Oil/ Essential oil


Take of Foaming Bath Butter base and place required amount in the mixing bowl. Cut up the base, the smaller pieces make it easier to begin the whipping process.

Begin slowly beating the Foaming Bath Butter base using a Flat Beater – this helps to prevent clumping up of the base inside the wire whip beaters when you get ready to whip the base.

Use a Carrier oil or butter if you want to make it more moisturizing. You can use up to 50 gram of oil or butter to 1 kilo of foaming bath butter base. .

Heat up the Vegetable Oil to about 50 deg C degrees. This helps in softening up the base without making it too hot and helps with the whipping. DO NOT overheat the Foaming Bath Butter Base. If you increase the base temperature over 60 deg C it will cause a break down in its preservative properties.

Add the warm oil to the Foaming Bath Butter.

Add your Fragrance Oil. The recommended level is 2 – 3%. this means that for a 1 kilo base add 30ml (ie 3%) fragrance oil. This base will accept a maximum fragrance load of up to 5% (not higher).

Once you have progressed to a smooth mix and if working with a stand mixer, switch over to a whip beater.

Begin whipping the base on low speed and as it becomes smoother gradually increase to high (about 30 seconds). At the 2-minute mark, stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl (with a rubber spatula) and continue to whip on high for a maximum of10 minutes. You will notice that it begins to increase in volume.

Continue whipping and stop when the base doubles in volume. If you whip it to higher volumes such as 3 or 4 times its volume, the Foaming Bath Butter will collapse.

Dispense the scrub into jars (Tip: use pastry bag or the like (e.g. ZipLoc bag)

Allow the product to set in the final packaging for 24 hours before use.

It is highly beneficial and suggested to add a little additional preservative to the Foaming Bath Butter Base before whipping. (follow instructions according to the preservative of your choice).


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