Rebatch Soap Base


ReBatch Soap Base is ideal for those of you who don’t want to handle hazardous chemicals such as caustic soda (lye) or are finding the inconsistency of making Cold Process from scratch detrimental to their process. There are so many ways to process this product, and people often perfect their own technique, but we’ve listed some steps below to get you started:

  • Cut/ weigh your desired amount from the ReBatch Soap Base, then crush / grate the soap down just as you would a block of cheese. The concept here is that the soap melts far easier when smaller particles, and you achieve a much smoother consistency.
  • In a pot / crock pot, or double boiler, (a microwave can be used, but the base does bubble up quickly, and we would always recommend melting gradually) heat the ReBatch Soap Base make sure you cover the soap base so you don’t lose your moisture content.  (see our detailed Rebatch tutorial here )
  • Once the soap has melted add your colour / additional oils and or fragrance.
  • Stir in your fragrance and colour well.
  • Once fully mixed, you can pour & spoon the soap into individual moulds or loaf moulds.
  •  You should now have a Cold Process type, rustic ReBatch soap in around an hour from start to finish. We recommend leaving your bars to dry out and harden for minimum of two days.

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