Alpha Olefin Sulfonate


Sodium C14-16 alpha olefin sulphonate (AOS 40%)

Alpha olefin sulfonate provide excellent foaming and detergency properties to a broad spectrum of formulations. They produce a high volume of stable and luxurious foam combining the benefits of alkyl ether sulfates and alkyl sulfates in a single product. In addition, alpha olefin sulfonates have excellent hard water and electrolyte tolerance and are stable in acidic conditions, making them ideal for use in all cleaning applications.  Mild anionic, high-foaming & well-emulsifying surfactant.

Stable at a wide pH range and can therefore be used in acidic environments.


Alpha olefin sulfonate is a mild primary surfactant with excellent cleansing and degreasing properties (but non-drying on skin & mucous membranes)
Good wetting effect, foam booster, slight viscosity enhancer
Easily compatible with other surfactants including non-ionic, amphoteric or anionic co-surfactants
Can be used for making sulfate-free cleansing products


Can be added to formulas as is.   Recommended use level is 4-30% depending on desired foaming and cleansing effects. For external use only.  Active substance :38-40%


Body washes, shampoos, bubble baths, cleansing lotions, various personal care cleansing products

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

0.50L (500mL), 1.00L (1000mL), 5.00L (5000mL)

Technical Data


Technical Specifications

Appearance: Clear amber non-viscous liquid
Odour: Characteristic / Faint
Solubility: water-soluble
pH (5%): 6.6-8.0
Density: 1.07 g/ cm3
Shelf life: Under proper stored conditions, 36 months
Active Mater (MWt 320): 37-40



CAS: 68439-57-6

INCI Name: Sodium C14-16 alpha olefin sulfonate