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Ethylhexylglycerin in cosmetics acts as a multifunctional ingredient.  It is a skin conditioning agent, helping to improve the appearance of the skin but also has beneficial anti-microbial, deodorizing and preservative effects.  As a preservative, ethylhexylglycerin works by reducing surface tension on the cellular walls of microorganisms or bacteria. This results in the destruction of the cell walls for the bacteria, preventing their growth. Ethylhexylglycerin may be an alternative to parabens in the formulation.  additionally it acts as a mild humectant.

please note that there have been cases with sensitive or reactive skin types experiencing irritation

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Note:   The only way to be sure that your preservative system is working in your product is to carry out micro testing.  Whilst we are happy to pass on information and make theoretical recommendations of how to get the best out of our products in this website; we can make no guarantees without this testing.  There are two levels of test that a microbiological lab will do – one is a micro count which gives you a ‘moment in time’ look at the cleanliness of your formula.  If you are familiar with the micro cultures you may also be able to characterise the microbes present.  The second is called a Preservative Efficacy Test or PET. This is highly recommended especially for new formulations as it tests how your product performs over time when it is challenged by microbes.   You are legally required to market and sell products that are safe,  and microbial stability is an important part of that.

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