Goats Milk Powder

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Goats Milk Powder

This Goats Milk  powder is the ingredient required when creating Goat Milk Soaps, and for any other products where goat’s milk is required. This spray dried ingredient is perfect for application in Lotions ; Bath Milk Powders and even for special applications such as Skin Masks.

The make up of Goats Milk helps balance the skin’s pH and claims to soothe and moisturise.

Our Goats Milk is a full cream, pasteurised, spray-dried, goats milk powder and therefor does not have any preservative included.  Please carefully consider your preservative requirements when you formulate with this type of product.

Recommendation :  Powdered Goats milk is an excellent ingredient for use in products such as Bath Milk powders. Follow the link to our large (10x15cm) heat sealable teabag to avoid any “floaties” and  for the addition of other interesting ingredients (petals  lavender  or TeaTree spheres  etc)  then when used you can just easily remove the bag and dispose off it thoughtfully after use.


Additional information

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0.10 kg (100g), 0.25kg (250 g), 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 5 kg

Allergen Statement

Alergen Status


    • Allergen Status Contains Dairy
    • Goat milk contains only trace amounts of some of the major proteins in cow milk to which a number of people are allergic (eg α-S1-casein). If you are sensitive to this protein, goat milk may potentially be tolerated.  Goat milk also has a higher level of short & medium chain fatty acids (vs. the long-chain fatty acids, predominant in cow milk).
    • Check with your doctor prior to using goat milk if you have any milk protein allergy.
    • Full cream goats milk powder – Natural

Technical Data


Appearance Creamy white coloured powder
Sensory Creamy, Sweet, typical goat milk flavour
Milk Fat Approximately 29 % m/m
Protein Approximately 26.6 % m/m
Moisture <4%
Ash <8%
Lactose Typical 36 ± 1%w/w
Standard plate count
< 30,000 cfu /mL
<10 cfu=”” ml=”” –10–=””>


Goats Milk Vitamins

Goats Milk Vitamins

Typical averages of the specific vitamins found in fresh  goats milk

Vitamin Type Goats Milk
Vitamin A(1)(2) 2074.0 (1850)
Vitamin D 23.7
Thiamine 0.40 ( .48)
Riboflavin 1.84 (1.38)
Nicotinic Acid 1.87 (2.7)
Vitamin B 6 0.07 ( .46)
Pantetheine 3.44 (3.1)
Biotin 0.039
Folic Acid 0.0024 (0.001)
Vitamin B 12 0.0006 (.00065)
Ascorbic Acid 15.0(13,0)
Choline 150
Inositol 210

(1) Vitamin A expressed in International Units per Litre; all others as mg/L.

(2) Numbers in ( ) are from the USDA Handbook 8-1 (1976).



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