Foaming Pump Bottle

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Foaming Pump Bottle

Empty Foaming Pump Dispenser for Hand Soap, Lash Cleanser, Shampoo, Mouse  Foamy bottles have a built in pump which produces a thick foam from thin liquid soap.  They are perfect for our Liquid Castile Soap Bases, or SLS Free cleansers.

✔️Features: Foam pump bottle has a capacity 250 ml. The transparent bottle allows you easily see how much liquid remains. Good for families and personal use.
✔️Leak-free function: Our empty foaming dispensers come with a cap that can prevent accidental button pressing which minimizes the possibility of leaking.
✔️Save money: Foam pump bottles release less soap than regular soap bottles but can achieve the same standard of cleanliness. Saving money and more comfortable. It is recommended to mix soap and water in a ratio of 1:3 to 1:6 and shake / stirr after mixing.
✔️High-quality material: These empty foaming dispensers are made of plastic, not breakable, no worries about liquid spills. BPA-free,  odourless, reusable. Please note the liquid temperature should not exceed 40℃.

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