Bases and Kits

Whether your focus is on body care or hair care, or even a mix of both, we are your one-stop-shop for all your ingredient supply needs. If you are just starting out and working on perfecting your own brands, or would like to rely on our proven ingredients, our starter kits are perfect for you. Our starter kits include everything you need to create cosmetic products from Bath Bombs right to soaps and even your own personal care products.

Each kit includes a step-by-step recipe and enough ingredients to make several standard-sized containers of each product. We offer a variety of pre-assembled cosmetic kits like a Natural Mineral Makeup Kit or our body lotion Kit. Create professional quality lotions or shampoos. you can use our Melt and Pour Soap Kit to sell start off a professional soap range.

Our starter kits provide you with everything you need  from making lip glosses, face masks, hair masks, to conditioners and much more.

Contact us today to learn more about our starter kits and other beauty product supply options. We are here to provide all the essentials you need to run a successful cosmetic and skincare company.