Emulsifier GP200

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Emulsifier GP200 is a proprietary nonionic emulsifying wax which is an optimised combination of vegetable-derived emulsifiers and stabilisers.   This is a self-emulsifying wax for oil-in-water emulsions, creating creams or lotions with excellent appearance, texture and stability. It is a mild ingredient that remains stable in the presence of metal ions and over a wide pH and temperature range. HLB about 15.  In skin care products this self emulsifying wax forms liquid crystals within the emulsion promoting ‘time release’ hydration and functions as a slow-release delivery mechanism for actives

INCI  : Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-20 Stearate (Non Ionic Surfactant).

equivalent to Polawax™ GP-200  (trademark by CRODA)

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