Vanilla Soap Colour Stabiliser


eBotaniq™ Vanilla Soap Colour Stabiliser [VCS] is formulated to prevent lye based soap formulations, containing Vanilla [vanillin] from turning brown.  It will not prevent colour changes due to ingredients other than vanilla/vanillin.

Whilst Vanilla discolouration can be a surprise to new [and old] soapers, if you do not want the soap turning various shades of brown over a short time, use our Vanilla soap Colour Stabiliser.  This VCS will help to reduce those fragrance oils containing vanilla (vanillin) from turning Melt and Pour , Cold Process (CP), Hot Process (HP) Soap Base going various shades of brown.

We suggest that you read the notes on each fragrance to check if it actually contains Vanilla and in what quantity (if at all possible). It may not say it specifically contains vanilla, but our experience has shown that most food fragrances do.


It is recommended that the Vanilla Soap Colour Stabiliser is added to either a glass or plastic mixing container, add 1 part stabiliser to 2 parts fragrance. For fragrances with over 10% vanilla, use 1:1 ratio. Ensure that the fragrance and eBotaniq™ Vanilla Colour Stabiliser are mixed well and allow the mix to sit at rest for 2 minutes before dosing into the soap.  Do not store the mixed products, make up as needed just before the fragrance addition.



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0.10L (100mL), 0.25L (250mL), 0.50L (500mL), 1.00L (1000mL), 5.00L (5000mL)


Recommendation :

There are a large number of fragrances that contain vanilla (vanillin) and we have found that you may occasionally need to use more, in some of your formulations; In the event that a fragrance contains very high levels of vanillin, we suggest using a ratio of 1 part fragrance oil to 1 part vanilla colour stabiliser you can even increase his to 2 parts VCS.   It is suggested that you add the eBotaniq™ Vanilla Colour Stabiliser to the actual fragrance oil, shake that up to ensure it has mixed together, then add that mixture to your formulation.  Do not keep the mixture of the fragrance and VCS for a period longer than 1/2 hour, before adding to your formulation.

Note that efficiency varies from formulation to formulation and in some cases product does still change colour over extended time.


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