Polyglyceryl Oleate (PG4-O)

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Polyglyceryl Oleate   (PG4-O) is an naturally derived  liquid emulsifier known for its ability to create water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions. This means it can disperse water-based ingredients within an oil phase, which is crucial for certain cosmetic formulations. This property makes it ideal for products that require a thick consistency with minimal water content and that easily break. Thus ideal for using in bath & shower oils, wash-off cleansing oils / balms and more.

Polyglyceryl Oleate is derived from sunflower oil, and is both PEG free and skin friendly, is especially valuable in cosmetics where a low water content is desired. Examples include rich creams, balms, and anhydrous formulations. These are commonly sought after in the small boutique cosmetic manufacturing industry, given their potential benefits for specific skin types.

PG4-O is easy to use with no co-emulsifier and can create easy, stable water-thin emulsions. Its lipophilic properties make it ideal for use in water-free formulations such as oil cleansers, massage oils and solid moisturising bars.

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Technical Data

INCI  :                   Polygylceryl-4 Oleate
CAS Number:    9007-48-1
Appearance: Yellow to amber liquid, bland odor
Solubility:          Disperses in water
Preservation:    Preservative-free
Usage:                    5 – 15%, added to oil phase
Solubility:             Oil Soluble, water dispersible
HLB :                       5
Palm Free:             Yes
Vegan:                              Yes
Tested on animals:      No
Contains GMO              No

Potential Applications Oil cleansers, massage oils, solid moisturising bars