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Polyquaternium-10 is a water-soluble thickening quat conditioner, this polymeric quaternary ammonium salt of hydroxyethyl cellulose is compatible with all detergents and surfactants. It offers excellent performances of thickening, colloid stability, antistatic, moisturization and lubrication. Polyquaternium-10 can repair damaged hair, and impart increase in moisturization and manageability to hair, Reduces irritation caused by surfactants, assists with recovering skin’s self-protection.  PQ-10 imparts skin moisture, lubricity and an elegant after feel to the skin.

  • Builds viscosity making the use of an auxiliary thickener unnecessary.
  • Raw material source: Hydroxyethyl cellulose
  • Manufacture: Polyquaternium-10 is a quaternized cellulose polymer produced by reacting a cationic etherifying agent and hydroxyethyl cellulose.
  • Animal Testing: Not animal tested
  • GMO: No data available
  • Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components

Recommended for application in 2 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, hairdressing gel, leave-in conditioner, gel spray, hair tonic, body wash, face cleanser, skin lotion and cream.


Chemical Class Categories
  • Synthetic Polymers
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Functionality Categories
  • Hair Conditioning Agents

Additional information

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0.05 kg (50g), 0.10 kg (100g), 0.25kg (250 g), 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 10 kg

Technical Data


Typical Values

Parameter Value
Appearance Yellowish powder
pH value (25 °C, 2%soln)


 Loss on drying (%)


Viscosity (25℃,2%soln,mPa·s)


 Nitrogen content (%)


Ash content(105 °C, 2h,%)




When used in hair care products,

      • Affinitive to hair, repair split-end and detangling of hair.
      • Forms a transparent, continuous and non-tacky film.
      • Improve dry and wet combability of hair and soft feeling and manageability.
      • Reduce irritation to eye caused by surfactants.
      • Compatibility with most commonly used surfactants.

When used in cleanser and skin care products,

      • high adhesion and moisturization.
      • Impart skin a lubricous, moist and luxurious feeling.
      • Reduces skin irritation caused by surfactants and other ingredients,  assist skin’s recovery and self-protection.
      • Builds viscosity  thus making the use of an auxiliary thickener unnecessary



  • 2 in 1 shampoo
  • Conditioner and hairdressing gel
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Gel spray, hair tonic.
  • Body wash, face cleanser.
  • Skin lotion and cream.