Basic Oil Based Bath Bomb

simple recipe
Ingredient NameWeight
Sodium BiCarbonate500 g
Citric Acid250 g
SLSA powder50 -70 g
Essential Oil/ fragrance oil50-70 g
Witchhazelspray bottle
Colour (optional)water suluble / pigment / mica


This Bath bomb recipe produces 8-10 Medium Bath Bombs using 53 mm Mould.  Best done during a low humidity day. 

Blend all dry ingredients thoroughly. Sieve if necessary or squash lumps with back of spoon  or gloved hands. Add powder colour if using.

Using 2-3 sprays at a time and stirring briskly, add enough oil blend to enable the mix to hold together. Think damp sand for sandcastles; not too dry and crumbly but not so wet it sags. Take one half of mould, over fill with mix.  Repeat for the second half.

Push together without twisting. Don’t worry about the two halves closing or matching up completely. You should feel some resistance – then you know you have the mix under a bit of pressure which will ensure compact non crumbly bath bombs.

Set aside whilst you have coffee and bickies.

Remove one half of mould after 30 mins. Apply pressure to release but don’t twist it or the bath bomb will break. Remove second half after 30 more mins – if there is any sign of sagging replace the half and wait a while. Set aside to dry overnight.  Wrap and store out of direct light in dry conditions.

Oil based bath bombs and fizzies will always be slightly more vulnerable to damage than non oil based. Take care when using as they will make your bath tub slippery – but how wonderful for your skin!?